KEFU X540LJ Matično ploščo Za ASUS X540L F540LA X540LA Prenosni računalnik z Matično ploščo 4G RAM I5-5200U REV2.1 Test delo


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€88.30 €81.24

  • RAM: 4 GB
  • FSB / HT: Original
  • Poreklo: CN(Izvora)
  • Vrsta Spomina: DDR4
  • Vrata: m.2
  • Trdi Disk Vmesnik: kot pic prikazano
  • Številka Modela: X540LJ
  • Postavka Stanje: Skoraj Nov
  • Certifikat Kakovosti: NOBEN
  • Grafična Kartica Vrsta: Integriran-treba CPU podpora
  • Časom,: 1-2working dni po plačilu
  • S CPE: Da,
  • Vrsta Vtičnice: Socket A
  • Nabor vezij: nvidia
  • Blagovna Znamka: KEFU
  • Garancija: 90 dni
  • Maksimalna Kapaciteta Ram-A: 16 GB
  • Paket: Da,
  • Pomnilnik Banka: 2 DDR3 DIMM
  • CPU: I5-5200U
  • Navedenim Datumom Začetka Prodaje,: 2010
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • Pomnilnik kanal: Dvojno
  • Tip CPU: INTEL
  • Uporaba: Prenosni računalnik

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I happy, all working good, thanks ✌
Rogelio Contreras2000
Well, he sent me everything quickly, packed well, but... the fee came unworking. It's just that it does not start, and everything is here. Wrote to the seller, sent the video, so how And so, they sent me in response pictures, I'm sorry, man, but we were all testing. And the laptop was already needed yesterday. Well, I guess the dispute did not open, although I already thought I 'd send it back, took the scarf to the local SC. There I was told, after the diagnosis-a dead bios, put up normal, and everything earned. I paid for work 2200. And now for this amount has opened a dispute, although this one has settled to the last one, it is normal, what the are you gonna get back, this is once, and two-by then they already sold this fee not for 9 килорублей, but for 7! Well, on the other hand, it may be final and the Mail is guilty, well, HS. Even before the heap and technical support Alika thought, the dispute hung a month probably, after completion. But they did. It all works, so let's go.